Interested in whats been updated in the latest release of stabcam? Changes in the app will be listed here.


Version 2.25

What’s New

  • Updated for iOS 15

Version 2.3

What’s New

  • Revamped UI so app is easier to use.
  • Stabilized videos are now higher quality for highest setting
  • New video player
  • Added tutorial to guide users

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where processing percentage froze at 0 for a while

Version 1.41

What’s New

  • Added “Save to Camera Roll” button to save videos

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with share menu sometimes not showing up

Version 1.26

This release includes a few bug fixes and also the app was ported to SwiftUI and should lead to better UI performance.

What’s New

  • Entire UI migrated to SwiftUI
  • Added contact button

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes placement of the Share menu on iPad
  • Videos on the main video grid view now take up the entire screen for all devices

Version 1.00

Initial release